Classic Highlight Bike Tour

Classic bike tour get started in our most central location, in Rambla rental shop and finish there.

Beautiful and charming Barcelona will definitely make everyone love it. This nice city consists of various famous areas which provide certain attractions. Our guides will be glad to provide you with various interesting facts about these areas’ lives throughout our tour.


Barcelona’s history center is the old city which provides a lot of attractive places for tourists. There is provided an exciting trip to Eixample - the place which has lots of great beauty sights. You’ll have a great opportunity to see it during amazing sightseeing cycling tour in Barcelona.


What will you get during a cycling tour in Barcelona?


  • a fascinating three-hour bicycle ride accompanied by our best guides;


  • an opportunity to learn a large useful and new facts amount about the city’s sights and history;


  • we will show you famous city’s streets as well as tell a lot of interesting things about them;


In addition to beautiful streets and medieval buildings, Barcelona has got numerous cafes and restaurants, which our guides will tell you about. You will have a great opportunity to learn new interesting facts about the places to have both active and passive recreation in.


Our bike tour will provide you with great and unique opportunity to both see something new as well as learn Barcelona’s history, ​​feel its greatness and beauty. Bike tour is the best solution for both you and your family which provided an opportunity to save a lot of time as well as get the most useful information during the tour.



All tours included: city bike, bottle of water, 1 drink in bar, guide

Also we give 20% discount for future bike rental service in our network

  Price: 25 euro

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  Duration: about 3 hours


  Meeting point: Shop Rambla