1 MONTH 100

City Bike

1 speed


2 hours: 6€

All day: 10€

24 hours: 14€

City Bike

3 speed


2 hours: 8€

All day: 12€

24 hours: 16€




2 hours: 10€

5 hours:15€

All day: 20€

24 hours: 25€




2 hours: 10€

5 hours: 20€

All day: 25€

24 hours: 70€




1 hours: 10€

2 hours: 20€

All day: 30€

24 hours: 50€

All prices include helmets and locks!

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Tell it in the shop.

We offer you bike for rent in Barcelona!


A city tour on a bicycle is a fascinating and interesting event for one, or for a family or a group of friends! Barcelona is just the perfect city for a ride! The whole city is surrounded by bicycle paths

and you can easily find all the sights of the city!

Do not wait, take the bike today and go to discover Barcelona!!


We offer several rental options in Barcelona for low prices:


- city bike from                   5 euro

- new city bike from          6 euro

- electric bike from          15 euro

- bike for children from    5 euro

- longboards from             6 euro


Also we provide helmets, lockers, baskets and baby sets.

As a deposite you can leave one document or 150 euro as you want.


All our bikes are regularly held diagnostics and maintenance so do not let you down in the short

and long journeys around Barcelona!

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